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f0 – Converting Substance fresnel to VRay values

F0 (Fresnel Reflectance at 0 Degrees)* When light hits a surface straight on or perpendicularly…

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PFTrack 2017 – Big shots, bigger projects!

  PFTrack   For the past month or so I've had my hands on the…

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Lidar data in Maya (Using Krakatoa)

To bring a lidar point cloud into Maya using Krakatoa to import and render you…

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Use RGB (and other) Per Particle info in Vray

Here is a quick step by step on how to get the RGB information from…

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Colourspace workflow from PFTrack to 3D Pipelines

Here is a quick look at how to correctly manage your colourspace in PFTrack. This…

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(Vray) Extra Texture render element on specific objects

If you want to make a matte for anything specific in Vray without making a…

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ITV’s – Jericho VFX Breakdown

For a good few months I was working at Lexhag leading the 3d teamĀ on ITV's…

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Retopologize a mesh with Quad Draw

I do a lot of work with lidar and meshing. Usually the process goes like…

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