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Lidar Data In Maya (Using Krakatoa)

Lidar data in Maya (Using Krakatoa)

To bring a lidar point cloud into Maya using Krakatoa to import and render you need to do the following steps:

  1. Use cloudCompare (free software found here: to import your pointcloud, doesn’t matter what file type, as long as it comes in with RGB*
  2. Do what you want to the point cloud to tidy, reduce density etc
  3. Once ready select the point cloud in the DBTree section and hit save
  4. Save the file as ‘fileName.csv’ (change fileName to whatever, if that wasn’t obvious)
  5. Leave the settings as default just change the separator type to ‘comma’
  6. Once saved open this up in a text editor**
  7. You should see something like this: pointCloud_ascii_before
  8. Now move everything down one line so line 1 is empty and add this line to the top: float32 Position[0],float32 Position[1],float32 Position[2],float16 Color[0],float16 Color[1],float16 Color[2],float16 Intensity
  9. Now save and you should have something that looks like this:pointCloud_ascii_after
  10. Now open maya and create a Krakatoa PRT Loader
  11. Load the CSV file just saved into the Loader, your lidar pointcloud with RGB in Maya is now visible in your viewport and can be rendered!


*Some point cloud will load in showing strange colours, the scalar field, select the file imported on the left side and scroll down the in the properties section and you’ll find a drop menu called ‘Colors’ you can change it to RGB here and you point cloud should now be coloured as expected
**Not notepad, something like SublimeTextEditor or TextWrangler etc 

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